Steppenwolf Classes West offers a variety of regularly scheduled classes, listed below with descriptions, teachers, and schedule info.  Since our faculty members are working artists, not all classes are available all the time, so please join our mailing list to be notified when a class listed as TBA is scheduled.

Tuition for each class varies depending on the class length and number of weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Scene study classes require an audition for new students.  The audition consists of a 1-2 minute monologue. Auditions for upcoming Scene Study classes are by appointment ONLY, and are typically scheduled 1-3 weeks prior to the start of a class.
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Scene Study

Using a wide range of material from classical and contemporary plays, students are encouraged to stretch and deepen their level and love of performance in a safe environment through bold positive choices and emotional honesty. Admission into Scene Study classes requires an audition.

Scene Study Teachers: Shannon Cochran, Abigail Deser, Tom Irwin, Jeff Perry

Scene Study Classes (by Teacher):


MONDAYS 7-11pm / 10 Weeks / Begins JULY 20th 

TUESDAYS 7-11pm / 10 Weeks / Begins JULY 21st


Summer/Fall classes currently in session, registration has closed.



No classes scheduled at this time.



No classes scheduled at this time.


No classes scheduled at this time.


Viewpoints and Improvisation for the Actor

This class integrates Viewpoints training and improvisation, exploring the application of each as an audition tool, rehearsal component, and supplement to the artist’s extant process. Class includes in-depth work on improvised scenes, character building exercises, group  & ensemble work, and improv-based audition tools. Students will work on improvised monologues, two-person scenes, multiple-person scenes, semi-scripted scenes & sides, and improvised scene development. No audition required.

Co-Teachers: Alexandra Billings, Eric Hunicutt

No classes scheduled at this time.


Viewpoints for the Camera

This is a scene study class focusing on film and television texts, using Viewpoints as a foundation.  Students focus on creating characters, living fully and truthfully in the scene, and bringing “big” work into the “small” world of on-camera.  Practice creation, surrender, and truth in the art of on-camera acting. No audition required, no previous Viewpoints experience necessary.

Teachers: Alexandra Billings, Craig Anton

No classes scheduled at this time.


Viewpoints & Shakespeare

This class offers a Viewpoints-based exploration of Shakespeare’s text. Students will demystify his language and his theatrical situations, drawing parallels between the large scale character work of Shakespeare’s time, and the TV and film roles of today. Class will include monologues and two person scenes ending in a final two day culmination of “Hamlet”. No previous Shakespeare or Viewpoints experience necessary. No audition required.

Co-Teachers: Alexandra Billings, Chrisanne Blankenship-Billings

No classes scheduled at this time.



This class introduces students to the primary elements of Viewpoints training. The work consists of exploring and utilizing the individual Viewpoints as tools for auditions, scene study, monologues, and both stage and TV and film work. There will be scene wok involved, but no memorization is required. This class is about process. It’s about opening up, discovering new ways to attack a scene, and finding out how the individual actor really applies themselves. No previous Viewpoints experience is necessary, no audition required. This class works for novices of Viewpoints or advanced.

Teacher: Alexandra Billings

No classes scheduled at this time.

Scene Study and Viewpoints

Students focus on two person scripted scenes, incorporating the Viewpoints as an added tool. We use Viewpoint training in direct application to helping to create characters, text analysis, and playing with and discovering new ideas between two people.

Co-Teachers: Alexandra Billings, Shannon Cochran

No classes scheduled at this time.

Scene Study + Viewpoints + Improv Lab

The three disciplines of Viewpionts, Improvisation, and Scene Study provide the foundation of Steppenwolf Classes West’s curriculum. This class explores the synthesis of all three disciplines as applied to monologues, scripted scenes, improvised scene work and character development, and includes advanced Viewpoints exercises, extensive scripted work, and elements of long-form improvisation.

Co-Teachers: Alexandra Billings, Jeff Perry, Eric Hunicutt

This class is by invitation only.  Previous work with teachers required.