I'd love to come by in person. Where is SCW located?

While we'd love to see you in person, we don't have a permanent location. Since our class schedule is dictated by the availability of our teaching faculty, we often go several months each year where we are not offering classes, which makes a permanent location impractical for our needs. Our classes are held in theater and workshop spaces in Los Angeles, primarily in the Hollywood, Silver Lake, and West Hollywood areas. 

Can I audit a class?

We do not offer audits of classes. We do everything we can to ensure that each class provides a safe environment for our students, a place for them to grow, to take risks, to practice together. Each class is an ensemble and deserves a work space that supports the work of the ensemble and where the class can support each other without distraction. We are happy to provide you with information about class structure, our teachers, and will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

How many people are in a class?

We limit the number of students in our classes so that, in theory, every actor has the opportunity to work every class session. While this varies depending on the nature of the class, we typically have 10-16 students per class.

Do actors meet outside of class to work?

This depends on the class. Typically, for scene study classes, partners will work outside of class and bring their work to the weekly session. For many of our other classes, such as Viewpoints and improvisation based classes, there is little to no partner work outside class time, however assignments may be given requiring "homework". 

I'm an experienced actor with a strong resume. Why do I have to audition for a class?

We require students new to our classes to audition so that we get a chance to meet them and assess what class may be a proper fit for each individual artist. Since we do not offer introductory level scene study, actors wishing to join the scene study classes are expected to be at a level of experience commensurate with the other students in the class. The audition is a chance not only to assess the proper fit for a prospective student, but also to meet each actor in person, engage, ask questions about the actor's goals for class, and simply to spend time in conversation. The audition also gives prospective students a chance to ask questions of the teacher(s), inquire about class structure, philosophy, and goals.

What do I need to prepare for the audition?

Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of your choosing. You should be off-book. Bring a current resume and picture that the teacher can keep for reference.

If I've already taken a Steppenwolf Classes West scene study class, do I need to re-audition?

If you have recently taken a scene study class with a particular teacher, you may not need to re-audition.  If it's been awhile, we may ask that you audition again to re-acquaint the teacher with your work. If you have taken a class with a particular teacher and are interested in taking a scene study with a different teacher, you will need to audition for that specific teacher's class. 

I'm a returning student to a class. Am I guaranteed a spot in that class?

While we do our best to honor the requests of our returning students, we cannot always accommodate every request for enrollment. Each class is curated so that it can function as an ensemble, with consideration for an ideal mix of gender, age, personalities, and levels of experience. Since class space is limited and we cannot always add more classes to fit in everyone who is interested, there are occasions where a spot is not available, even for returning students.

Can I pay tuition in installments?

Split payments are up to the individual teachers. Before registering for a class, please inquire about whether or not payment can be made in installments or split. If payment installments are pre-approved, students are responsible for payment of full tuition even if they are not able to attend all classes or complete the full session. Workshop payments are due in full upon registration, since our workshops are much shorter in duration than our classes. 

I have to drop the class, can my tuition be refunded, credited towards a future class, or prorated?

No. Upon enrollment, students are responsible for the FULL amount of tuition, regardless of how many classes they attend. We limit the size of our classes, so when students drop at the last minute or attend only a few weeks of class and do not complete the session without paying, the financial damage to our teachers is significant. We believe that our teachers' time and effort is valuable and deserves to be honored, so we do not prorate tuition or give credit towards future classes. We certainly understand that in our business, things can change quickly - work comes up, financial situations arise, availability changes - but in order to be fair to everyone involved, we have strict payment and refund policies in place. By paying tuition when registering, each individual is agreeing to these policies.