The Summer Intensive 

Ensemble acting training for professional and aspiring professional theatre artists, taught by Steppenwolf Classes West faculty and guest artists. Summer 2018 dates TBA. To receive information about the 2018 Intensive, please join our email list.

Steppenwolf Classes West's three week intensive offers professional and aspiring professional theatre artists a unique opportunity to train together as an ensemble, working with an ensemble of teachers and guest artists. The Intensive is built on a core curriculum of Viewpoints, improvisation, and scene study, with master class sessions and guest artist seminars..Classes are taught by Steppenwolf Classes West faculty members, guest artists, and award-winning professional actors, directors, and teachers. 

Artists who are currently working professionals, graduate program students, and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. All applicants must be 18 years or older.


ACTING, is a very big and very wide subject – it is after all one of the ways we humans seek to understand and improve our existence. Practicing the craft of acting requires study, dedication, vulnerability, risk, perseverance, imagination and faith. My fellow teachers and I have witnessed, dozens of times over the last twenty years, the uniquely powerful learning curve that these intense, weeks long, uninterrupted practices allow.
The river of continuous work for three weeks, 10 hours a day creates a high, exquisite state of alertness that perceives outside and inside simultaneously. Our Intensive is a thorough and vigorous concentration on the art of acting in a short time. This leads to an intensification of learning that is rare and lasting.


When we bind Viewpoints, improvisation and scene work together in day and night study you are able to explore values that we fervently believe are essential to great acting:

-The flexibility to work from your whole self- body, mind, heart, imagination. 

-The practice of expanding your trustof your instincts, of yourself, of your fellow artist.

-The ability to explore rather than conclude, to live in the moment and let each exploration be ‘this time’ as opposed to a preordained ‘plan’. To engage with text as if it were improvisation, to be able to erase the footprints of rigorous preparation

The practice these classes nurture and the synergy these classes create in combination have proven to us as teachers & fellow artists to be, well, profound. They allow actors to increase their ability to explore, their flexibility and fearlessness, their trust of instinct. They help us as artists with perhaps our most transformative tool: our ability to truly live in the moment.