The two weeks I spent in Long Beach with the group of artists that assembled will feed into everything that I do for the rest of my life. As an artist, you can only hope to be surrounded and to learn from such unique and learned individuals in a space of complete support and openness. We were given the extraordinary opportunity to surrender to the moment while closely following complicated text. I left Long Beach with technical tools to navigate the intricacies of the craft and the industry as well as an open heart and mind to welcome any challenges that may come my way.
— Christine Fang '16
The time I spent at Steppenwolf this Summer was the most important two weeks of the whole year for me artistically. I grew exponentially. There are so many things that can suck the wind out of your sails as an artist and make you forget who you are. You will not find a reminder more powerful than at the Steppenwolf West intensive. The classes, teachers, and the other artists you will work with in this program will change your life and help you to remember and hold on to why you became an artist in the first place.”
— Rachel Lockhart '16
The Intensive was a game changer for me. I learned what real ensemble work looks/feels like and I had many invaluable lessons in textual analysis and improvisation. I also experienced instructors that truly cared about growth. I’m currently studying acting in London and I would not have been prepared enough or brave enough to be here without The Intensive.
— Michelle N. Grey '15
The Steppenwolf West Summer Intensive was life changing for me. I think the biggest lesson I gained from the experience was learning how to bring all of myself to my art—as opposed to isolating certain parts of myself in order to “act”. All of the instructors helped me tap into the power of using my own voice and experiences to inform how I tell the stories of others. For anyone interested in attending The Intensive, I would say: Be ready to work! Be ready to sweat! Be ready to grow!
— Brittany Inge '15
My experience with Steppenwolf was amazing. I grew more in this four week intensive than I did in my entire four year BA in theater program in terms of acting and craft. The teachers created such a safe and encouraging environment that allowed some real transformation to take place. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to co-create with such fantastic people. That month will forever be engraved in my memory as I continue my journey as an artist and human being.
— Anna Yosin '14
This intensive is an Actor’s Heaven. It will open your heart, exercise your imagination, and shorten the journey from impulse to specific expression. Each of these teachers is a master at guiding an actor to his/her unique voice, and giving the actor the most effective means of expressing that voice. What a joy to spend all day in an environment that encourages fearless, in-the-moment work; that celebrates the artist and the human being. Not only will you feel more connected to your own unique voice as an artist, but you are witness to a group of actors going on the same journey with you; and being a part of that journey together is unlike anything you will ever experience. I can’t recommend this intensive enough.
— Christopher M. Smith '14
I’m still so extremely grateful for the opportunity of doing the Summer Intensive twice. These generous teachers have learned me to act with an open heart, to trust the moment and to keep searching, exploring as an actor in an ensemble. Give yourself this gift! These most generous teachers will give you the trust you need to explore your actor’s instinct. You will engage in a four week exploration of your abilities.You will grow to become an ensemble with your fellow students.You will gain confidence, you will become more intuitive, you will fall in love with yourself and this group.An experience that will mesmerize you for a very long time. Since I left Los Angeles for Belgium, I still think about these workshops and classes and the new friends I met every day.
— Kristof Van Perre '15, '14
I am so glad I participated in last summer’s intensive. I was craving the conservatory style training that I received at Boston University and Steppenwolf gave me just that. It brought me back to life as a theatre artist because of the outstanding faculty, demanding viewpoints training, and the tight knit ensemble we created. I’m an actor who graduated from her acting program roughly six years ago and wanted a new training program. I wasn’t ready to commit to an MFA program so the month long format of this workshop was the perfect amount of time for me to play and recommit to my craft. It also reminded me of all the things I love about process and character. Returning to this work six years later rejuvenated me and allowed me to work on myself in new and different ways than when I was in my first conservatory. I didn’t care about proving anything, it was just for me and to have the experience. I have done quite a few summer training programs and this faculty is definitely one of the best I have encountered. Alex, Eric, Kim, Jeff, Monica, and the countless guest teachers are all brilliant and supportive. I wish I could take class with them all the time. I use many of the tools I learned daily in auditions. Do yourself a favor and audition for this summer’s program. It’s the perfect amount of artistry to help you re-ground and focus on yourself, the actor.
— Alison Yates '14
I was stretched further than I’ve ever been as an actor and a BEing, at Steppenwolf’s Summer Intensive. To this day, I’m still using techniques I learned there. The wisdom I garnered is invaluable. I’m forever grateful for their training and care.
— Damone Williams '14